A small collective of

big (ad) spenders.

Our Story

A team of curious problem-solvers determined to grow businesses

We grew up during the first digital revolution where entrepreneurs were rushing to push their projects live. Google didn't dominate the search space, Facebook didn't own social networking, and Apple didn't even have an iPhone.


It was an enlightening time because an absence of a strong leader pushed us to test every product. We embraced the product kinks and were on the sideline watching each player make moves to become the leader. The big players emerged with world-class acquisition systems and a customer-driven approach that inspired us to get into marketing.


Nowadays we are trying to partner and scale grassroots brands to do the very same thing. We have helped brands like Danielle Leslie, Mastermind.com, and Nutrition Solutions double their revenue in less than three months. Hopefully, we do the same thing for you!


Core Values

These are the 4 core values we hold dear...yes they're all Drake songs.

Core Values CHARGED UP.png

It’s the balance or yang to Nonstop.  We seek extreme self-awareness and come to work with a clear head so that we can be the "anchor of reality and big picture thinking" in team thought. 

When something is proposed, we will think through every detail of how it works and the process. We will make realistic estimates and will voice the problems that they see with the plan or already existing system.


Understanding there is a ripple effect of anything you do. You don’t operate in a vacuum and we need to anticipate 2nd order consequences.


Maintaining a clear mind focused on analytical, systemic thinking

Core Values NONSTOP.png

Passion and confidence follow effort and momentum. The more we test, the more hands we play, the more time we spend playing the game...the greater our advantage as a team. As you get more data points that your judgment is good and you can consistently deliver results, you’ll believe yourself almost to a delusional level. 

Put everything you have on the field to overcome adversity and get Agexa over the finish line. The best idea always wins.  


Constant improvement and love of the game

Core Values WORST.png

Our version of “move fast and break things” or “Here’s to the crazy ones…”.  

Be unique and just do any idea where the answer to “what's the worst that could happen?” is small.  We immediately attack ideas with huge upside and small/no tail risk.  

Mastery and creative breakthroughs never happen when you’re doing the same thing over and over again.  Be bold, think outside the box, take chances, make mistakes, get messy.


Don’t be afraid to fail more than you succeed.


Practice uncomfortable authenticity and YOLO execution

Core Values CREW LOVE.png

The balance and yang to Worst Behavior. It’s doing the grunt work that isn’t sexy to help the team and long-term of the company.  It’s losing temporary efficiency and Looming or SOPing your process for future Agexa members that you haven’t even met yet.

We can’t afford to train inefficiently or even linearly (passing down knowledge).  We strive to only hire people who are smarter than us.  We should all on our 5 yr work anniversary look around and say “wow, I’m glad I started working here when I did”. 


Compound yourself, increase talent density, and create family










Meet the Team

Here is our incredible team of doers, makers, innovators, and doggos. If you'd like to know more about the weird letters and numbers under our names and why we love them, click the link to the right.

Nick Fisher

Founder & CEO

INTP | Type 5  | Refiner

Tommy Magill

Chief Operating Officer

ENTP | Type 9 | Flexer

Samuel Queen

Product Manager

ESTJ | Type 1 | Executor

Josiah Rose

Product Manager

INTJ | Type 5  | Refiner

Rob Neve

Publishing Partner

INFJ | Type 3  | Executor

Kyle Wiebalk

Director of Marketing

INFJ | Type 5  | Creator

David Kunz

Digital Marketing Manager

INTJ | Type 8  | Flexer

Seth Carnes

Marketing Associate

ESFJ  | Type 9 | Executor

Liesl Lord

Marketing Associate

ENFP | Type 2  | Creator

Nick Ahrens

Marketing Associate

ENTJ | Type 8  | Creator

Elliot Charland

Junior Media Buyer | Copywriter

ENFJ | Type 2 | Advancer

Audrey Andrews

PPC Analyst

INFJ | Type 4  | Refiner

Riley Wertz

PPC Analyst

INFP | Type 9 | Advancer

Ryder Magill

"The Sweetheart"

Izzy Magill

"The Muscle"

Reece Queen

"The Instigator"


Why We Love Personality Types

We love to understand our clients & our team

We’re fascinated with building our team around the idea that every person brings something unique to the table. Personality tests help us to leverage our individual strengths and styles to make something truly special. Plus, they’re just fun to talk about.

Some of our favorites are Myers Briggs (MBTI), Enneagram, and the Team Dimensions tests. These help us understand how we think, our core drives and how we all can work together best as a team using our unique strengths.