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The 2 types of people that are ideal fits to partner with us…

1. You love being the “star” or “influencer/expert” more than running a business.  Perhaps you want perennial, multi-decade relevance like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone and Dave Ramsey…but are growing your business to the point where you spend most of your time on your computer instead of making content.

We can help you get to 8-figures in rev…

WITHOUT giving up your lifestyle or being chained to your computer all day dealing with 20-200 employees

WITHOUT giving up control or majority ownership of your business

2.  You love what you do but you hate being an “influencer” or “guru”.  You want to follow a path similar to Russell Brunson, Neil Patel, Dave Rogenmoser and Alex Becker.  Guys who started with selling info but transitioned to building tech or companies with enterprise value.  You like being CEO and operating the business.

We can help “remove” you from your personal brand in less than 1 year, sometimes as quickly as 3 months.

WITHOUT losing revenue making the transition, in fact sometimes the brand will grow faster (this happened to us with